Student gives a quick run through of life

Skyler Eckl Volunteer Writer [email protected]

Eckl: Name?

Fast: Nathan Fast.

Eckl: Age?

Fast: 19

Eckl: Class?

Fast: I’m a freshman.

Eckl: Major?

Fast: I am a business major.

Eckl: What is your favorite part of Florence?

Fast: My favorite part of Florence is the trees at McFarland Park. I love throwing my eno between a couple of trees on a nice sunny day and reading a book in the sun.

Eckl: What is your favorite color?

Fast: Royal blue.

Eckl: Why did you come to UNA for college?

Fast: Business college! UNA has a great business college and that was the main thing I was looking for when I was choosing a college. 

Eckl: What has been your biggest challenge at UNA?

Fast: My biggest challenge was when I first arrived. It was difficult finding a friend group to hang out with. Another big challenge was putting myself out there so that I could have new opportunities.

Eckl: What is your best habit?

Fast: Oh, that’s a hard one. But I would say that my best habit is being polite to everyone because I believe that everyone should be treated with respect.

Eckl: What is your worst habit?

Fast: That’s easy. Definitely biting my cuticles from stress and nerves.

Eckl: How has UNA helped you?

Fast: UNA has helped me find myself through the people that I have met here and helped me to feel more comfortable with who I am.

Eckl: How does Florence compare to your hometown?

Fast: Hamilton has one gas station and one Subway, and I only had 32 people in my graduating class. It’s tiny compared to Florence, which has a population of what, like 30,000 people? Hamilton only has about 3,500 people in comparison.

Eckl: What is the best part of UNA?

Fast: The best part of UNA is definitely the Greek life. I am a member of Pike Kappa Alpha. I love the brotherhood and family that the Greek life stands for. 

Eckl: What is the worst part of UNA?

Fast: The ability to find a parking spot! The parking deck is full every day and I can never seem to find a parking spot.

Eckl: What was your childhood dream job?

Fast: This actually popped up on my mom’s memories recently! I used to say that I was going to be the President of the United States and I was going to drive a camo limousine.