More Gross Bathrooms

A suspicious black substance fills the vents in the LaGrange Hall bathrooms on the second and third floors.

by The Flor-Ala Staff

But wait, there’s more! Managing Editor Kali Daniel, Online Editor Jasmine Fleming and Staff Photographer Katlyn Shannon explored the bathrooms of UNA’s campus only to find the maintenance department funds seriously lacking.

Between mysterious black substances, a rogue candy machine and a bath tub from “The Ring,” bathrooms used daily are unflattering, unappealing and unbecoming.

Current students, potential students and university guests must face possible health hazards associated with aging bathrooms. While we are not expert mycologists, some substances look a lot like black mold and, if it is, the community should know about it.

Understanding this is no fault of the maintenance staff, it is the university’s responsibility to provide students with a safe and clean environment — which includes bathrooms.

Students pay $13 per credit hour and say they are still taking cold showers with low water pressure regularly.

Because there are no cleaning services on campus on weekends, students say they walk over trash that pours onto bathroom floors.

If the university cannot afford to hire additional full-time custodians, it should begin a work-study program for students to help with the load.

From standing in grimy showers and bath tubs to seeing discoloration outside of vents and around faucets, students deserve a cleaner home.