Games Faces

When Dallas Moore, the chief photographer for the Diorama and The Flor-Ala told me I was being assigned as the sports photographer, I was at a loss for words. In my mind, I kept thinking I am not the girl for this job. Sports do not concern me and half the time I do not know what is going on during the games.

My first photo assignment was to take photos of a football player practicing. I was uninspired until I took my first shot. I looked at my camera and saw an impressive photo on my screen. I was exhilarated to take more. More and more wonderful photos appeared on my screen and that day I knew I was going to love being a sports photographer.

I was so impressed with the action shots I took, I could not believe they came from me.

Sports photography is truly inspiring. It is entertaining, and I get to meet some amazing people. Every week the photographers have a meeting, and we get photo assignments. I always take the sports ones because I am very passionate about it, now.

I love the fact I have to get out of my dorm and do something. I am a fan of sports now because of photography. I love the action involved in sports photography and capturing students who love what they do. I can tell how dedicated the students are to their sports and it is very dignifying.

It is beautiful to see no matter how hot it is outside or how hard their coaches push them, they will pull through. Sports are not just games to them but their lives. I am very happy that I am the sports photographer, and I can capture unbelievable moments every week.