SGA budget finalized

SGA Senators approved the 2014-15 budget at their Sept. 25 meeting.

The new fiscal year starts Oct. 1, and the budget of $88,338.00 looks very similar to last year’s.

The complete budget can be reviewed on SGA’s website.

Notable changes to the budget include a line item of $4,000 for campus improvement, $1,000 for the Ideas to Action Campaign, which is a new campaign designed to put student ideas into action, and $1,000 for office supplies, which is double what was allocated in last year’s budget.

President KeKoria Greer said she is excited about the campus improvement line item, which is intended to help meet one of SGA’s goals for this year.

“The expectation has been set that we meet our goals,” Greer said.

Treasure Adam McCollum agreed.

“The whole reason there are line items in a budget is to ensure that money has been set aside to reach goals,” he said.

Some senators, including Budget Oversight Committee Chairman Jordan Graham, said they are skeptical.

Graham advocated placing the funds the under the miscellaneous line item.

“This line item is currently too vague,” he said. “If the senate believes campus needs to be improved, we will improve it.”