Here at UNA, a lot of students share the same ups and downs, the same day-to-day experiences and the same thoughts of this place we call ‘home’.

Upon returning to college after an extended break after high school, I decided I was ready to jump in to college life. Since then, I have made myself at home in a place I can call my UNA.

My UNA is a campus community divided over many issues. One of the most recurring is parking. When I say ‘divided’ I mean split between the students and those who enforce the power of the white, yellow, green, and red lines.

My UNA is a campus with a squirrel every 20 feet. While many students see them as a nuisance, I love them. They remind me that while I am struggling or living life to the fullest, there is someone or something else out there with different struggles.

My UNA is lunch with friends in the GUC or The Commons, and what has recently become one of my favorite parts of UNA  – Frostbite Frozen Treats.

My UNA is one where I’ve tried my hand in various organizations and majors to see what fits me best. I started as marine biology and ended up in Spanish, with several other programs falling in between. I’ve gone on trips with The Outdoor Adventure Club, danced the salsa with the Hispanic Culture Organization and worked to educate the campus community as former President of SAFE – the Student Alliance For Equality.

Now I believe I’ve found my place with UNA Student Media. As Chief Photographer for The Flor-Ala and Diorama I love what I do and the people I get to meet and work with every day.

The college experience is unique to each student. As is often said, ‘It’s what you make it’.

Over the past two years, this has become my UNA. What will you make yours?