Anti-Abortion organization in the works

Katelyn Spidel stands on the bridge in front of GUC.

By the end of the semester, UNA could have a student organization dedicated to anti-abortion education by the end the fall semester.

Senior Katelyn Spidel, president of UNA Students for Life, got the idea to start the RSO after volunteering with the Women’s Clinic of the Shoals during her sophomore year, she said.

On her first day of volunteering, Spidel said she overheard a counselor finalizing an adoption for a child who would have been aborted.

“That baby has a life now because of that clinic,” she said. “I thought if women at UNA knew where to go for help during an unplanned pregnancy, lives could be saved.”

The purpose of UNA Students for Life is to assist students by informing them to make sound decisions about abortion and sex, she said.

Spidel went on to explain the group will be a volunteer-based organization and will entail partnering with the Shoals Women’s Clinic.

While conducting research on, Spidel composed a constitution, which was based off other constitutions, she said.

The constitution for UNA Students for Life has been rewritten and is in the process of being reviewed.

Spidel tried to start this RSO last year, but the constitution was declined because it lacked clarity.

In starting an RSO, a constitution has to be written and accepted by the Office of Student Engagement to be qualified for funding, Spidel said.

Aja Hall, a freshman, said she most likely will not join the organization because she is in favor of pro-abortion rights.

“I feel like a woman should have that choice for herself,” Hall said.

The organization welcomes all members of campus, Spidel said.

“This is a non-religious, non-gender specified group,” said Spidel.

Junior Cameron Dorning said she stresses the importance of life.

“I believe it’s important because this impacts your generation, not just on campus, but all over the nation and our world. Life is precious. Every person has a purpose on this earth and is loved,” Dorning said.

UNA Students for Life’s first meeting will be in September.

For more information, visit or contact Katelyn Spidel at [email protected]