5 studying tips for success

Find that comfort zone.

Identify a location that is uniquely yours. While some people prefer to study in groups, others favor alone time. Your location must encourage productivity. Decide which is in your best interest and stick with it. Random or not, if carefully chosen, you will have entered the study zone.

Eliminate Distractions.

Put the phone down! Practice discipline by ignoring that text. Outside interference can wait until you have secured a good grade. There is probably therapy for people who cannot follow this rule, but I’m sure it costs money — money college students do not have.

Name Your Poison.

Each person has a different study tactic. Some people comprehend notes better than they can understand textbook material. Mix it up with recordings, PowerPoints, Internet sources, etc. Figure out which study materials you comprehend the best and focus most of your attention on those.

Stick to a Set Schedule.

Break your time into sections. For instance, give yourself two hours to look over the first half of materials, take a short break, then spend two more hours looking over the second half. Repeat your unique process as many times as needed.

Know Your Limit.

While studying, be aware of the “zombie zone.” Numb brain, a state of no longer retaining information, occurs here. Recognize this and take a break. The time away will determine if you need to study more or if you have reached the peak of information intake.