4 fitness tips to stay healthy this semester

With a new year approaching, new goals are sure to be set. A classic resolution is hitting the gym to get in shape. With smartphones, staying focused is just a tap away. This advancement in technology has brought along intriguing features, like apps, providing assistance to users in their exploration of a healthy lifestyle.

1. Myfitnesspal

One of the most interesting features of this app is the barcode scanner that allows the user to scan the barcode of a certain product, thus pulling up all of the nutritional information. This app is a useful tool for someone who is testing out a new diet.

2. Mydietcoach

Fair warning: Mydietcoach does not allow for meals and weight to be logged unless the pro version of the app is purchased for $2.99. The app regularly dispenses three or more challenges for the user to complete daily. The challenges can include drinking a certain amount of water each day, doing squats before sitting down or avoiding snacking. Challenges are easy to track with a simple swipe of the screen indicating the user has completed part or all of the challenge. MyDietCoach provides tips on how to beat food cravings, emotional eating, general laziness and other issues that someone who desires a healthy lifestyle will encounter.

3. Mapmyrun

Walking or running is the most inexpensive way to stay in shape and with this app, a normal walk or run can be exciting. Partnered with a GPS, this app locates where the user starts a workout and tracks the route and distance you take. Along with this feature, the user can select the specific type of exercise that will be completed such as run, walk, run on the treadmill, sprint or climb stairs. By taking advantage of this feature, the user can find the route he or she most enjoys, which will ultimately boost motivation to stick with a workout routine.

4. Daily Workouts

Daily Workouts is a free app that includes a variety of exercises, ranging from five-to-30 minute workouts. The user can participate in activities that solely focus on one area of the body such as abs, arms or legs, or they can do a full-body workout. Additionally, the workout can start at a specific exercise if the user so desires. This app offers a fun and creative way to stay in shape while toning up muscle.