Mane Card gets facelift to double as debit card

The Mane Card is each student, faculty and staff member’s gateway to all functions on campus, and can now be a direct link to his or her bank account.

Each student can get a new Mane Card this semester, free of charge, with the option to link it with a Listerhill Credit Union account.

The merging of the two is called the One Card.

“This has been in the works for approximately two years,” said Listerhill Vice President of Marketing Kristen Mashburn. “This is going to make students’ lives a little bit easier by having two cards in one.”

Mane Card Manager Jennifer Irons said old cards will continue to work, however students are encouraged to upgrade to a new one, although it is not required, Irons said.

“The cards are now of better quality,” she said. “You can update your picture, and we’ll get the card to you at the same time you come to the office. You won’t have to wait.”

The physical features of the card are similar to a debit card and a Mane Card, only combined. The red magnetic strip running along the top will be linked to a Listerhill account, while the black strip below will be for Mane Card access.

Seniors can get the new cards Sept. 8-26, juniors from Oct. 6-24, and sophomores from Nov. 3-21.

Mashburn said freshmen were issued new cards during the SOAR sessions and the amount of people interested in the One Card was tremendous.

Junior Hailey Holke said she has used her One Card more than once to purchase items at TJ Maxx, and to fill up her car at the gas station.

She described the card as “just like a regular debit card” and “much sturdier than our old Mane Cards.”

And the process to obtain the card took less than 10 minutes, she said.

“I think having a Mane Card and debit card in one is great because at places like Taco Bell, you don’t have to pull out two different cards to get the discount,” she said. “You can just hand them one card for them to see you are a student and then pay.”

For those interested in obtaining a One Card, Mashburn described the process as easy.

“First, go to the Mane Card office, sign the agreement, walk to The Hill, finish your paperwork and get the card. It’s that simple,” she said.

By dropping the old card into an enclosed box at the Mane Card office, students are entering a chance to win an iPad, courtesy of Listerhill.

At the end of the reissuing period, one card will be drawn at random from the box and the student will be awarded an iPad, Irons said.

If a student loses his or her One Card, Mashburn said to call Listerhill’s lost/stolen card number, 1-888-918-7819, for an immediate block on the account to ensure no one else is able to use the card.