Student contemplates first-year experience

Skyler Eckl Voluteer Writer [email protected]

Eckl: Name?

Morgan: Emily Morgan.

Eckl: Age?

Morgan: 19

Eckl: Class?

Morgan: I think that means freshman? I’m a freshman.

Eckl: Major?

Morgan: I am a nursing major.

Eckl: What is your favorite thing to do?

Morgan: My favorite thing to do in Florence is to go down to McFarland Park for the day and spend it hammocking with my friends. I could literally spend an entire day doing nothing but swinging in my hammock next to the river.

Eckl: What is your least favorite thing to do?

Morgan: I absolutely hate having to spend my days inside because of rain or cold. Then I’m forced to be productive and actually do something, like my homework or cleaning.

Eckl: Why did you choose your major?

Morgan: I chose my major with the hope that I could help as many people as possible. Nursing is a great opportunity to build relationships with your community, as well as serving the people in it. 

Eckl: Where is your hometown?

Morgan: I am from a little city called Harvest, right outside of Huntsville, AL.

Eckl: What is your favorite thing about UNA?

Morgan: My favorite thing about UNA is the community. President Kitts and his staff do an amazing job of creating a welcoming environment for incoming freshman. The students follow suit, building a familial atmosphere throughout campus.

Eckl: How do you like living in a dorm?

Morgan: Dorm life is okay. I live in Rivers, and sometimes there are roaches, but honestly for being the cheapest housing it’s not so bad. The roommate situation is amazing for how random it is. I got assigned a random roommate and could not have asked for a better person. Everyone can avoid the whole roommate horror story if you just respect the other person and handle conflicts like adults.

Eckl: How do you spend your time?

Morgan: I would like to claim that I spend my spare time being productive, like doing homework, but most of the time I’m eating or playing pool with my pals. 

Eckl: What are your career goals?

Morgan: Career wise, I would love to become a nurse and work that job till I either become burnt out or save enough money to go back to school for a master’s in counseling. Let’s be real, nurses don’t get that much respect and they are always working the hardest, and I know that can get tiring real quick.