Always take the precautions

Errol K. Chandler Sports Editor [email protected]

It seems like daily the world is getting crazier. A world in which many of our parents and grandparents spent hours upon hours outside enjoying the world and everything it has to offer. In 2019, it is not the case anymore.

Who would have ever thought that in many situations now, it would be dangerous to spend time outside? Who would have thought that you can’t sit in your car outside of your home or place of work and not enjoy a small meal without the feeling of someone watching you? Who would have thought that you could no longer take an early morning jog or late night run in the park without it leading to someone following you home? Who would have thought that taking your eyes off a younger loved one for a glimpse of a second would lead to an unthinkable tragedy?

Sadly, these stories are all true and have turned into a reality in the world that we live in now. In the matter of two months, just in the state of Alabama national tragedies have happened.

Kamille “Cupcake” Harris became a known national tragedy following her kidnapping from a child’s birthday party. In the following days, her remains were found in a dumpster.

Yes, you are reading that correctly. A 3-year-old child was kidnapped and her remains were found in a dumpster. Aniah Blanchard, a 19-year-old college student, has been missing since October 23.

Another case that is gaining national attention because of the idea that someone would want to cause intentional harm to another human being and bring emotional distress to her loved ones. So I advise you, the reader of this, regardless of if you see this online or in the print version to take precautions.

According to Statista, from data collected there were over 300,000 males and females individually missing. This is not a combined number. There were that many males AND that many females missing. More significantly, close to 240,000 females and 212,000 males were missing under the age of 21. Those numbers are staggering considering the fact that we currently are on a college campus with many of ourselves and friends being around that age group.

Again I advise you to simply take the precautions. Do you best to avoid traveling alone to places you’ve never been and also at night. Lock all your doors to your cars, windows and homes. Know your surroundings, meaning know where your at and places that can help you if a situation does come up.

This is not an endorsement to get a weapon, but the legal age in Alabama to get a weapon is 18. Many of you can figure out exactly what weapon I am referring too. Avoid walking back to your dorm rooms, cars or anything else alone. Move your cars to a location as close as possible in order to reach your vehicle as quickly as possible. Do everything in your power to ensure your safety. This includes males and females. Males, do not get big and bold thinking that muscles and strength can protect you in all situations. Be safe and cautious.

This article is not intended to scare you but to simply make you aware. Take the precautions.