Sodexo to take questions Nov. 15

Much of the SGA Senate’s weekly meeting Nov. 1 was devoted to its two guest speakers, UNA fitness coordinator Glenda Richey and Student Recreation Center Director Jim Eubanks.

Eubanks and Richey spoke about the petition to remove World of Wings from the SRC as well as a proposal to renovate the SRC and fitness center.

“One of my ideas is to somehow incorporate WoW into Towers Hall,” Eubanks said.

SGA members said Sodexo would be holding an open forum Nov. 15 that students could attend and ask any questions they may have.

Eubanks said he was not opposed to WoW being on campus and that most universities in this geographical region had a juice or smoothie bar in their student recreation centers.

During the meeting, SGA President Will Riley addressed Eubanks on this matter.

“If we’re advocating moving WoW, it wouldn’t make sense to advocate replacing it with another restaurant,” Riley said.

Eubanks and Richey both mentioned the possibility of replacing WoW with something such as a juice bar or grill. Eubanks said UNA was the only university in this region that included a WoW location in its recreation center.

“One way to solve the problem is through SGA,” Eubanks said. “We are here for you. We wouldn’t be doing this if we didn’t care. Where it goes from this point is up to you.”

He added that all the money the SRC received was generated by the fee that students pay to use it. He touched on another UNA issue, the transition to Division I, saying the university’s staff and faculty didn’t agree on the move, but it had progressed regardless.

“The SRC’s operating hours are set by usage,” Eubanks said. “I have to determine if the number of people coming in is worth what I’m paying.”

Richey spoke about the petition and addressed the matter of fitness itself.

“I meet with students every day, and I put them on a calorie-counting diet,” she said. “I went to WoW’s website and couldn’t find nutritional information on several of its items. A lot of WoW’s food is fried. I think there are better choices (of food places) to have in the SRC.”

SGA’s next two events are fundraisers: Zumba Night Nov. 8 in the GUC performance center at 6:30 p.m. and The Big Ole Chili Cook-Off Nov. 17.