Restaurant review: ‘YUMMy’ restaurant opens downtown

Yumm Sushi and Beyond is located downtown on Court Street. Its full menu is available on Facebook at  

Yumm Sushi and Beyond is located directly next door to Alabama Outdoors on Court Street.

I’ve only recently taken a liking to sushi. For the longest time, I believed the popular misconception that sushi is just raw fish and seaweed, a combination I thought could never be anywhere near tasty. I say misconception because this verdict is entirely false, and Florence’s newest sushi bar will prove that time and again.

Yumm is not a very large establishment. White walls, tables and chairs combine with gray and silver accents to give the restaurant a modern, posh atmosphere complemented well by the pleasant service.

Our server was charismatic and dedicated to giving quality service. He was rather knowledgeable in terms of the menu and was extremely helpful in helping us decide which dishes to order.

We chose the Kamikaze roll and the three-flavor catfish, both of which were quite enjoyable.

The Kamikaze roll is made of yellowtail, tuna, salmon, izumidai, cucumber and black bean garlic sauce, all flash-fried and served with pickled carrots and daikon. It was delightful and gone in less than 10 minutes.

The three-flavor catfish was phenomenal. With tender catfish fried to perfection, it is bursting with ginger, teriyaki and soy flavors. It was served with steamed rice and Asian slaw, which were also quite delicious. The entire dish was tantalizingly delectable.

The service was quick but not rushed in the least bit. We were in and out of the sushi bar in less than an hour.

The pricing was a little expensive. We walked out spending about $37, including taxes and tip, but it was well worth it considering the quality of the food and service.

Yumm does offer takeout services and full menus with food descriptions are available on their Facebook page, making it a convenient alternative to Rice Box and other competitors.

All in all, Yumm Sushi and Beyond is a wonderful new restaurant with a unique ambiance, friendly service and fantastic (if slightly expensive) food.

One of my two complaints is that it is slightly unnoticeable due to it’s small and understated sign compared with those surrounding it.

Having walked out with only two minor complaints, they have definitely made a sushi eater out of this former skeptic, and rest assured, I will be eating at Yumm again in the future.