Police investigate threat letter sent to Math Department

Math Building

A bullet sent by an unknown person was found in an envelope in the Math Building, Sept. 28, following the receipt of a letter containing a death threat Aug. 31. The threat was not addressed to a specific person, said UNA police Chief Bob Pastula.

UNA police have a few suspects, Pastula said.

After the letter was received, a math professor contacted police with the name of a possible suspect, according to the official police report. The possible suspect had failed several math classes and exhibited behavior that gave the professor the impression that he or she had a drug problem or mental disorder, according to the report.

The bullet mailed to the department was a .44 magnum armor-piercing round, according to the police report.

Pastula said the handwriting on both envelopes matched and that UNA police are working with the postal inspector to investigate the case.