Career Planning and Development helps students build resumes

Career Planning and Development, located in room 202 of the GUC, helps students build resumes and prepare for jobs.

There is no cookie cutter format to writing a resume. Though many students may think it should be a basic list of what they have done, it’s more than a list, students said.

When writing a resume, it can be formatted almost any way, as long as it is consistent, said Jennifer Smith, career development coordinator.  

“A good resume is one that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, organized and consistent in format,” Smith said.

Experience should always be included on a resume, said Greg Pitts, chair of the communication department.

“Think about it as not only work experience but life experience,” Pitts said. 

All experiences should be accounted for, including part-time jobs, internships, volunteer work and anything else that helps set the resume apart from others, he said.

“Experience can dilute age,” Pitts said. “A 20-year-old competing with a 50-year-old with more experience may stand out more.”

SGA President Will Riley stays focused by scheduling his activities.

“Every day has the same amount of hours,” Riley said. “It’s all about how you distribute those hours.”  

Riley said staying organized helps him juggle his hectic schedule. He keeps calendars on all of his electronic devices and holds himself accountable to many people to keep him motivated.

Smith said the most frequent problems regarding resumes submitted to LionJobs are spelling errors and listing irrelevant information.

“Many potential employers see a spelling error as you not caring enough, so why should they hire you?” Smith said.

UNA offers help to students who want to build their resumes or improve the ones they already have. Besides having many organizations to take part in and gain experience from, the office of Career Planning and Development is designed to help students with resumes, Smith said.

Students can bring resumes for help improving them or even email them to Career Planning and Development.

Smith said that not enough students are using this site.

“If an employer calls us looking for a student with a particular major to hire we look through LionJobs to find someone,” Smith said.

Pitts said summarizing experiences is key to a well-formed resume.

“The challenge of writing a resume is to look at where you worked, figure out what you learned from that, and put it on paper,” Pitts said.