Caddyshack campus

A UNA student plays frisbee golf on campus, aiming for a light pole near Willingham Hall.

Students have been playing Frisbee golf on campus at night for at least three years, though not many people know about it, said students who play on campus.

“Every fraternity has at least one course, and there are a few student courses on campus that only a few students know about,” said Rob Tyree, UNA student and Delta Chi brother.

Delta Chi brothers Marshall Hess and Justin Allen Pipkins decided in fall 2009 to make the first 18-hole Frisbee golf course on UNA’s campus, called the Cardinal Blue Course, Hess said.

Hess said they made this course so they would not have to drive to Veterans Park if they wanted to play a game. It took them about two weeks to make the course, which included deciding where the holes would be and playing it until they worked out all of the kinks.

Playing Frisbee golf on campus involves hitting goals that include various campus buildings. One of those buildings is Lafayette Hall, said honor student Molly Lynn, who used to live in the residence hall.    

“I can say your reflexes improve,” said Molly Lynn, a junior at UNA. “The minute you step out the door (at Lafayette Hall) at night and hear someone yell, you better duck or get beaned by a Frisbee.”   

Lynn said she remembers some close calls she had with on-campus Frisbee golfing.

“(There’s) nothing better than walking — then suddenly out of nowhere — a Frisbee whizzes past your face and slams into a light pole” she said.

Amy Brown, a junior at UNA has also seen people practicing the sport.

“I’ve seen a lot of groups out behind Lafayette at night,” Brown said. “I’ve seen maybe two or three groups during the day the whole time I was there (two years).”

Some students said they never knew about people playing on campus but had heard rumors about it.

Mark Bryant, a senior at UNA, said he has never seen anyone playing Frisbee golf on campus but that older students would always tell him about it.

Frisbee golf on campus is not illegal.

“As long as your course does not go inside of a building or you don’t hit a building, then the cops don’t care,” Tyree said.