Simpson, Williams cope with injuries

Safety Nick Williams, who suffered a torn ACL Aug. 18, works with his trainer.

Misfortune struck at the Lions’ Fall scrimmage game when Chris Simpson and Nick Williams both sustained injuries.

“I instantly thought about how much work I put in and how I wouldn’t be able to play,” Simpson said.

Williams is out for the season with a torn ACL. Simpson is also out for the season with a torn ACL, MCL and meniscus.

It was an upsetting loss for the UNA Lions.

“Injuries affect the team, but it’s a part of the game,” said Josh Penny, UNA head athletic trainer. “People get hurt all of the time, and there is nothing that you can do about it. Hopefully, the injuries aren’t severe, and they can get back on the field after surgery and rehab.”

Williams, who has not had surgery yet, has been doing high bolt motion steam to tighten and loosen his quads. After his surgery, scheduled for Sept. 7, he plans to have an intense rehab routine in order for him to be ready for next season.

Simpson has already gone through the surgery procedures. He is going to North Alabama Bone and Joint three times a week in order to assure a fast recovery process.

“They will receive treatments twice a day and be placed in a rehabilitation program,” Penny said. “It is important that Chris and Nick exercise to strengthen their bodies, continue cardio and keep their endurance up.”

Penny also said how the two injuries affect the team.

“The guys were upset at first, but they realize that they cannot remain sad because we have games to play and a championship to win,” he said.

The players both realize their injuries have affected the team from a leadership standpoint, since they are both experienced seniors.

“Nick and I had a lot of experience and pointers to help the guys on the field — now other players will have to step up,” Simpson said.

Simpson and Williams both commended UNA’s athletic training staff for its hard work and dedication to help them have the best recovery. They have been pleased with their commitment and positive attitudes that have helped them each day.