In search of a pair of new shoes

In search of a pair of new shoes

In the search for new shoes, there are three key elements to look for: style, comfort and versatility. Although I am partial to my Chuck Taylors, freshman year of college called for something new. With the hills and stairs covering North Alabama’s campus, I knew I had to find the perfect shoe – and I have found just that. I happily and quickly fell in love with the all-white, attention-grabbing, chunky-style FILA Disruptor.

My first thought was to post my new shoes on social media. In fact, I posted them before I had even left the store – I was still in the try-on stage. Between the unique cut of the sole to the thread details, the last thing I expected was to receive a message saying that my new shoes deemed me a “THOT” and that I should not buy them.

Memes were sent and the insults continued to come and I was beyond amazed at the person’s determination to show me just how terrible these new shoes were. Not only did it take away a bit of my excitement, but it posed a question: Is everyone going to think that if I buy these shoes? And then I stopped myself in my tracks: Was I really letting someone affect my feelings because, somehow, my sneakers defined my sexuality and labeled me negatively?

In the past 100 years, women have made monumental changes in society. From fighting for suffrage in the early twentieth century to the constant battle for equal pay that continues even today. And here I was being told that my shoes gave the impression that I was easy. The constant search for something to demean women – and having taken it as far as forcing a correlation between cute, stylish sneakers and the sexuality of not one woman, but all women –  struck a chord in me that I will always now be aware of. I wonder how many other women have similar stories?

After much deliberation, I decided to keep my “thot” shoes. For those who may like to join the FILA Disruptor club, I warn that the shoes do run a bit small in the toe region and the laces don’t do much to tighten the feel around the foot, so consider trying them on. They are comfortable, stylish and give every outfit extra flare, despite their apparent reputation.