Res Life reaches out to students

Students hang out in their dorm room on campus. 

Residence Life focuses on helping students living on campus. They are involved in many things from management in the residence halls, making room assignments, moving people in and much more, officials said.

“(Res Life) is responsible for the day-to-day life in the (residence) halls,” said Kevin Jacques, director of Res Life.

Jacques said the main focus they have is the resident component of campus.

“Students are only in class 16 hours a week—that gives us 152 hours to do stuff with them,” Jacques said. “(That) gives us the ability to help them feel like UNA is their home away from home.”

“The biggest part (of our job) is advocating for students,” said Ralph Chittams, assistant director of Res Life.

Chittams said Res Life helps students with roommate conflicts by mediating and helping students grow. They tell students that living on campus is important and a good way to make connections with people.

He said Res Life is an action-driven place and that if a student needs help or asks for something, they will try to do it, within reason.

“We love to hear people give us feedback,” Chittams said.

Chittams commended Nazim Chaker, Suzanne Reese and Abril Agnew for their work in Res Life and said students should seek them in times of need.

“All first year students should know Abril,” Chittams said.

Agnew said she is the person who deals with first-year student experience and conflict mediation.

“(Living in a residence hall) introduces you to a lot of friends,” said Christi Carr, sophomore culinary arts major. “(It’s) good for freshmen to connect to campus and make decisions to be in clubs, fraternities, etc.”

“Good way to live by yourself when you’re first starting out,” said Kayla Dailey, sophomore math education major.

“For the most part, (living on campus) is a good experience,” said Lauran Brown sophomore culinary arts major.

Brown offered one more piece of advice to students considering living on campus.

“Bring shower shoes,” she said.