Students find banking options at The Hill

The Hill student employee Trent Cronin assists a student at The Hill location in the Guillot University Center. 

The Hill, located in the Guillot University Center near the on-campus bookstore, is a branch of Listerhill Credit Union open to college students.

The Hill offers students banking options, including savings accounts, banking accounts and free debit cards printed on site, along with online banking and otherListerhill services, said Heather Brown, director of financial literacy.

“We’ve had a lot of traffic since we’ve opened in August of 2010,” Brown said. “Most of the students say they like that it’s conveniently located, and the use of the ATM is free as well.”

Besides Brown, four student workers are currently employed at The Hill to assist students with banking and other needs.

“It’s for more than just transactions,” said Krysten Crosslin, a student worker at The Hill. “We want to help with everyone’s college experience.”

Crosslin said that besides just regular banking duties, the workers at The Hill have also helped students with non-financial needs, including spending time helping foreign students adjust to the campus.

“Something we like to tell students is that we are the only financial institution you can find on campus,” said Lee Taylor, spokesperson for Young and Free Alabama, a program launched by Listerhill to focus on the high school and college-age crowd.

One of the main features Taylor said he likes to promote is called the Oops Refund, a protection for college students against overdrafting their account.

“We’re pretty notorious for overdrafting,” Taylor said. “But every year you have The Hill account, there’s five times you can overdraft your account without being charged. The Hill itself is one of few accounts that doesn’t charge for overdrafting.”

Listerhill also has several promotions for students, including a $200 offer for moving a loan from one lender to Listerhill and 5 percent interest on a savings account when it reaches over $1,000.

Another advantage of an account with The Hill is that students will be able to access their account through a network of over 6,800 other credit unions located across the world, all of which are viewable at, Taylor said.

“It’s like being a part of the biggest branch of the world,” Taylor said. “With share branching, you just have to find a shared branch. You can bank twice as many places as if you were a Wells Fargo or a Bank of America member.”