UNA police chief: ‘I love my job’

UNA police Chief Bob Pastula holds degrees in criminal justice and criminology and has also served as an adjunct professor at previous institutions. 

Anyone who roams UNA’s campus is bound to come in contact with UNA police Chief Bob Pastula. His mission: to ensure the safety of all.

Originally from Detroit, Mich., Pastula has been in the police force for more than 32 years. Before serving as the chief of UNA Police, he earned a master’s degree in criminal justice from the University of Alabama. He also received a Bachelor of Arts degree in criminology from the University of South Florida.

In 1980, Pastula started his career as a police officer in Keego Harbor, Mich. He later moved to Florida, where he occupied the role of deputy sheriff and later as a state trooper.

In 1991, Pastula became a reserve lieutenant, a title he still holds today. He later served as an assistant chief for the United States Marshall Service.

“After all of my years serving the law, I have no regrets,” Pastula said. “I love my job and would not change one single thing about it.”

When he is off duty, Pastula can often be found doing one of his favorite activities, which include fishing, golfing, yard work and spending time with his family. He described himself as both laid-back and helpful.

Pastula said a day in his shoes consists of meeting many new people, lending a helping hand to those in need and, of course, enforcing the law.

“The most important aspect of my job is making sure that I have done everything in my power to ensure the safety of others,” he said. “In my opinion, this is one of the most rewarding jobs a man could have.”

Pastula not only has experience in the field of law enforcement but also in teaching. He has been both an instructor and adjunct professor for numerous institutions.

For UNA police, he has overall command of the entire department, including patrol, investigations, crime prevention, technical services, internal affairs, budgeting and planning. Although being police chief is rewarding, it can get to be an extremely busy task, Pastula said.

Pastula loves being involved with the campus as well as the community. He has been the chief of UNA police for three years and hopes to continue onward with fulfilling the duties of his job.