SRC, OAC provide classes, equipment for students

Kayaks are available to rent at the Outdoor Adventure Center on campus. 

The Student Recreation Center (SRC) and Outdoor Adventure Center (OAC) offer several different opportunities for students to take advantage of, officials said.

Aside from the gym, complete with the entire gamut of exercise equipment, students can also sign up to work with a personal trainer each week for free.

“Our personal trainers don’t cost anything,” said Fitness Coordinator Glenda Richey. “They’re here to help with whatever you need. Students can just e-mail me and I’ll set them up with somebody to work with.”

In addition to personal trainers, Richey also offers one-on-one meetings to discuss students’ dietary habits and nutrition needs.

The student recreation center hosts a wide range of group classes each semester, too. Ab Attack, Cycling and Insanity have been offered in the past. The classes vary, depending on who is certified to teach in certain areas.

“We only employ students, so it just depends on who can teach what,” Richey said. “Right now, our biggest need is a Zumba instructor. Students really enjoy the class, but we just don’t have anyone to teach it.”

UNA junior Jenni Powell attended the Flow group exercise class this semester, which incorporates yoga, Pilates and tai-chi to leave participants feeling relaxed and revived.

“The Flow class was amazing,” Powell said. “I learned a lot of different poses and stretches that can help improve my balance. My concentration is even better after I spend time doing the things I learned.”

The SRC also coordinates intramural sports. Students can sign up as a team or individually to participate.

“We offer basketball, flag football, soccer, softball, bowling and more,” said Intramural Coordinator Dexter Shorter. “There’s something for everyone.”

Intramurals are the only part of the SRC that is not free to students, but team fees typically do not exceed $20 or $25 overall, Richey said.

The OAC, located behind the SRC, offers a variety of outdoor equipment that students can check out for free when they provide a valid Mane Card.

“All of our equipment is free,” said SRC Director Jim Eubanks. “The only time a student will have to pay for anything is if they bring equipment back broken or if they don’t bring it back at all.”

Students can check out sleeping bags, tents, backpacks, cooking sets, hatchets, hammocks and much more. The newest and most popular addition to the OAC is a set of 12 kayaks, Eubanks said.

“When students check out the kayak, they also get the paddles and life jackets,” Eubanks said. “All 12 of them are currently checked out, but we’re looking at maybe getting more.”

Sophomore David McCreary said that although the gym is not as nice as others, it is convenient, and that appeals to him.

“It’s good to have somewhere where you can just get away for a little while and run or play basketball,” McCreary said. “It helps clear your mind when you need to. It’s also really convenient for dorm students or students that live close to campus.”