Students protest radical Christian preacher’s religious, moral views

Micah Armstrong, a college sidewalk preacher, visited UNA’s campus today and preached to hundreds of students at the amphitheater. Look for a web update, additional photos, and video later on today.

Hundreds of UNA students gathered by the Memorial Amphitheater April 4 shortly after noon to hear Micah Armstrong, a radical Christian preacher who makes stops at various colleges and universities across the eastern and southern U.S.

Armstrong, who refers to himself as Brother Micah, spoke out against a number of topics, including homosexuality, sex outside of marriage, pornography, masturbation, drugs, smoking and more. The event drew in many students who challenged and protested Armstrong’s ideas and beliefs.

Armstrong told UNA students he was saved 12 years ago and is not a sinner because he was born again and has been made right by the grace of God.

UNA student Dana Hall was one of many students present to hear Armstrong’s preaching.

“He says he is without sin, and he’s telling us we’re going to hell,” she said. “Christians aren’t supposed to judge, and he’s judging all of us.”

UNA student Arielle Stearnes spoke out against Armstrong during the rally.

“I think he’s a false prophet,” she said. “You’re supposed to preach with love. He’s not showing kindness or gentleness. As a Christian, I’m offended. It’s wrong what he’s doing. He’s making non-Christians harder to talk to by shutting them down. He’s giving (Christians) a bad name.”

Molly Linn, a UNA student, was discouraged by the event and said UNA students need to have more dignity with events like this.

“Frankly, I’m a Christian and all he’s trying to do is a get a rise out of people,” she said. “When kids yell back at him, it’s just perpetuating the fighting. If they would just walk away, they would stop this.”

UNA student Zac Dawkins was also in attendance at the event.

“I don’t see why he’s allowed on campus if he’s just going to cause a stir, not be civil and insult everyone in the crowd,” he said. “What he’s preaching, there’s no way that’s coming from God.”

Cedric Houston, a UNA student, said the event was eye opening, and, although he doesn’t agree with Armstrong’s statement, he has the freedom to speak on campus.

“I don’t support it, but this is a public campus, and he has the right to do this and say what he thinks,” he said.