Former UNA player, NFL prospect denies drug use

Janoris Jenkins, who transferred to UNA from the University of Florida last year, cools off after a game in Cleveland, Miss. last fall. Jenkins, an NFL prospect, has been under recent scrutiny in the national media for alleged drug use at UNA, but he claims the reports are false.

Senior cornerback and National Football League prospect Janoris Jenkins has allegedly admitted to continued drug use at UNA, according to multiple NFL reports.

The NFL reports that Jenkins admitted to officials in pre-draft interviews that he continued to use drugs while attending UNA last fall.

Jenkins, who has been projected to be a possible first-round draft pick, said the claims are false.

“I did not say that (I smoked while at UNA); I don’t know where that came from,” he said.

Rob McBurnett, public relations official for the NFL, could not be reached for comment about Jenkins’ alleged drug use by deadline.

Jenkins transferred to UNA in the fall of 2011 from the University of Florida following two drug related arrests in 2011. Jenkins was also arrested in May 2009 arrest during a fight.

Jenkins said getting away from the drug problems he faced while studying in Florida is precisely the reason he transferred to UNA. He said he didn’t party while at UNA.

“The main reason I went (to UNA) was to regroup myself and get my mind back right,” Jenkins said.

Jenkins said he feels like he matured while at UNA.

Upon arrival at UNA, Jenkins was required to sign a “no-tolerance” contract, according to Sports Information Director Jeff Hodges.

Hodges said the contract required Jenkins to keep out of legal trouble and away from drugs, as well as attend classes regularly.

Additionally, Hodges said the athletics department randomly drug tests players when suspicion is warranted. Jenkins, he said, would have fallen into that category due to his history.

“At any point, if he had failed a test or not done what he was supposed to do, he would have been gone (from the team) immediately,” Hodges said.

Hodges said any violation of the contract would have resulted in immediate removal from the UNA football team. He said that while Jenkins was here, he did not violate the agreement.

“As far as the (athletics) department is concerned, he met all of the requirements of his behavioral contract,” Hodges said.

Jenkins does not only have drug problems in his past, but also has fathered four children out of wedlock by three different women, according to NFL reports. Jenkins said he supports all four of his children financially and sees them often.

“I see (my kids) every day,” Jenkins said.

Jenkins has continued to visit NFL teams, and hopes that the league will be able to see his maturity rather than focusing on his past.

“(I hope the league will) judge me not for what I’ve done, but for what I have become,” Jenkins said.