Top 10 photos of the year

Well, it’s been a crazy year.

From three student deaths, to multiple tornadoes, to hundreds (seemingly thousands!) of photo assignments—this year has been nothing if not eventful. Thankfully, through it all, my amazing photography staff has been there.

Readers, we really owe these guys a big thank you.

To Kayla, my successor as chief—I cannot wait to see what you do in this position. In some ways, I think you will be a better leader than I was able to be for you, and I know you and your staff will kick butt!

To Barry—I am sad to see you leave the paid staff, but I hope you will be able to volunteer with us next year. Remember you are extremely talented, and even though we didn’t always meet eye to eye, well, Roll Tide!

To Darrick—though you are no longer on staff with us, your work is very much appreciated. You are certainly missed here, and I hope you are one day able to work with us again. And, P.S., sorry I was insensitive the last time we spoke.

To the incoming staff, Michael and Christina—I’ve been really impressed with your work as volunteers, and I can’t wait to see your work next year. You guys are in for a wild ride, so buckle up and hold on!

To the volunteers, Phillip and Carrie—Thank you so much for the work that you do. Volunteer work is invaluable to the Office of Student Media, and it really takes a load off our backs to have you guys. I hope Kayla can count on seeing you guys in her meetings next year!

To the editorial and ad staffs—well, firstly, I am excited to be joining you all as next year’s sports editor! You all have done a great job this year, and I can’t wait to carry on your work. Lucy, you are a brilliant gal with a bright future, and I’m excited to watch your career progress.

To everyone at The Flor-Ala, pat yourselves on the back—we deserve it. To 2012-2013!