Miss UNA represents UNA, raises money for causes

Anne Marie Hall takes her first walk as Miss UNA after being crowned Saturday night.

Anne-Marie Hall, Miss UNA 2012, has been busy in the months since she was crowned Jan. 28. Hall has been promoting her platform, preparing for the Miss Alabama Pageant and representing her university at events around the state.

Since the Miss UNA Pageant, Hall has raised over $700 for her platform. Her platform is promoting Americans for the Arts, which is, Hall said, the leading nonprofit organization for advocating and promoting the arts across the U.S.

“In my own terms, Americans for the Arts is the resource hub for artists, teachers, musicians and any citizen that loves the arts,” Hall said. “They do a lot of research on how art is important to the economy and how it impacts the development of children and society as a whole.”

Hall has the goal of raising $1,000 for her platform before May. On April 24th at 7:30 p.m., the UNA Spring Choral Showcase will give all donations to Hall’s platform. Hall said the event is free of admission but usually collects donations for a charity or cause each year.

As far as preparing for the Miss Alabama Pageant, Hall has been working on her talent as well as “getting in shape, staying fit, staying healthy, and constantly being informed of news and current events.”

“I practice once or twice a week,” Hall said. “The lucky part from my standpoint is that I know my song, and I am very familiar with it and comfortable with it. I am not just trying to learn a new song.”

Hall said that, for her, participating in the Miss Alabama Pageant is about representing her university and home base. She said she believes the pageant will be nerve-racking but very fun and a valuable experience.

After recently participating in Miss Alabama Pageant orientation at Samford University, Hall attended a contest workshop this week to learn even more about the Miss Alabama Pageant week.

“There are only 10 girls across the state that have been in the Miss Alabama pageant before,” Hall said. “And that is a good number, compared to past years. There are a lot of young girls, and there are a lot of girls like me that are seniors representing their university.”