Matt Wilson’s picks

Leave it to the NCAA to fix something that is not broken, but we now have 68 teams to choose from in our March Madness brackets. Even if you haven’t followed any college basketball this year, there are a few things you can keep in mind that will have your Final Four still intact while your friends trash their brackets after the first weekend.

Every year there is a 12 seed that knocks off a five seed, and this year is bound to follow suit, but the 11 versus six games look like the place where a Cinderella team could emerge.

Very rarely does a Final Four contain all four of the No. 1 seeds, and this year does not look like that will happen either. Stick with the chalk picks early on, but eventually there are going to be some upsets.

The last thing you need to keep in mind is which teams are hot and which teams are not. Some teams have been fighting for a tournament spot for the past month and are likely to keep that momentum at least for the opening game. Some of the higher seeds have been coasting, which is evidenced by their lack of success in their conference tournaments.

I see Kentucky and Duke in an epic rematch in the Elite Eight. Missouri and Michigan State are the other two top seeds that I think will meet in the last eight. On the other side, I think Florida State will take its momentum into a match up with the No. 1 seed Syracuse. And in another great potential elite eight match up, I’m picking North Carolina to meet up with North Carolina State.

The Final Four will see Kentucky facing Missouri and Florida State facing North Carolina State. Unfortunately for N.C. State, its dream run through the tournament will end badly in a blowout at the hands of the fifth youngest team in Division I: the Kentucky Wildcats.