A sense of community

I love my job. I love being involved on campus and always knowing what events are going on. The rewards of this job are practically endless.

One of my favorite parts of being on staff at The Flor-Ala, however, doesn’t involve a sideline, concert or other campus event. It’s a little known occasional gathering of Flor-Ala staffers and volunteers we call the office potluck.

On March 12, we had one of these potlucks in our office located on Wood Avenue. As usual, this potluck was all about food, friends and fun. There was more food than we knew what to do with, including an endless array of deserts. All of the editors and most of the writers and photographers were present. Link, our adviser’s dog, was running around in a Diorama T-shirt trying to get scraps.

We all brought our favorite dish to share, and we sat around while we ate, chatting and exchanging recipes. Our office was packed enough that some people had to sit on the floor (including myself). Despite the lack of space, we all had a great time talking and catching up.

As I type, the potluck is winding down. There is friendly conversation and giggling going on, and we are probably all on a little bit of a sugar high. Link is still running around looking for attention and scraps, and our adviser even got him to do some tricks.

I love these potlucks because they’re so simple, but such a good time. And while the food is great, the real treat is getting to spend some quality time with all of The Flor-Ala crew.