BoT amends Early College program

At the quarterly meeting of the UNA Board of Trustees March 16, the board moved unanimously to revise the early college program to prevent out-of-state students from taking online and study abroad courses from UNA free of tuition.

The early college program—used primarily as a recruiting tool—offers one free class to area high school students, said Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. John Thornell.

“Allowing out-of-state students to enroll in online classes is not practical from a recruiting standpoint,” Thornell said. “And it isn’t financially feasible to allow high school students to participate in study abroad programs without paying tuition.”

Early college students will still be allowed to enroll in study abroad courses, provided they pay tuition, Thornell said.

Look for more information from the March 16 meeting in the March 22 edition of The Flor-Ala.