‘Becky’s New Car’ rides into UNA

“Becky’s New Car,” a new comedy by Steven Dietz, debuted at UNA in Norton Auditorium last week. The play was directed by Charlton James, a theatre professor at UNA.

James put on a pre-production show by singing and playing the guitar to original songs he co-wrote with students and his wife.

The events of the play follow Becky, a loud and charismatic mother and wife who works at Bill Buckley’s car lot, as she accidently falls into a double life with Walter Floor, a rich and successful billboard company owner. Becky’s home life includes a hardworking husband, Joe, and their intelligent but extremely goofy son, Chris.

The characters often broke the fourth wall and interacted with members of the audience. Becky often had playgoers do her chores for her as she narrated her life story. The set stayed stationary, but included several rooms that displayed Becky’s messy living room and kitchen, her office at Bill Buckley’s and her car.

James said he chose this play to perform because it offers something different to UNA.

“I wanted to do a fun play this year that was easily understood,” he said. “Sometimes it’s hard to keep the attention of today’s audience with a drama. ‘Becky’s New Car’ deals with a very serious situation in infidelity, but it makes light of it. We were more concerned with creating broad characters that fell into an easily recognizable stereotype. We wanted the audience to know someone like all the characters found in the play.”

UNA students said they loved the play.

“I thought it was really funny,” said Olivia Tennant, an entertainment industry major at UNA. “I really liked how it built attention all the way through.”

The actors said they enjoyed working on the play.

“It was great,” said Forrest Harlan, the actor who played Joe. “It was a lot of fun and definitely something different and modern, like a sitcom.”

Some actors said they have been waiting on a comedy to come to UNA.

“It was a lot of fun (playing Becky),” said Summer Akers, the actress who played Becky. “I love comedy. I’ve been waiting for a role like this to do.”

For more information regarding productions, contact the Department of Music and Theatre at 256-765-5122.