MANE card program to change vendors, services

A UNA student purchases beer with his MANE card at Lil’ Steves. Currently, students at UNA can shop at off-campus locations with their cards.

The MANE card is referred to by some UNA officials as “the simple card that does it all,” but beginning this fall semester, students may notice the card working a bit differently.

The MANE card’s current system provider is CBORD, but the MANE card office is currently in the process of switching to a different provider called New Vision.

Karen Kennedy, manager at the MANE card office, said there are several reasons for the switch.

“Our ability to design a program for students was limited,” she said. “The new software will provide more opportunities to better meet student needs.”

There have also been complaints about the current system, coming not from students but from off-campus locations that didn’t feel they were receiving quality customer service, Kennedy said.

She also said the new system is less expensive than the current one.

“Ultimately, student expenses fund the system that we use,” she said. “We like to make sure that students aren’t nickeled and dimed, and if we have to switch programs to make that happen, we will.”

Students may notice at least one difference in the new system. All cards currently have a lion loot account, which can be used on campus or at off-campus dining locations that accept the MANE card. As part of the new operation system, lion loot will no longer be accepted at off-campus dining locations.

Local businesses involved in the off-campus program did not express a high level of concern about the change.

One such off-campus location is Lil’ Steve’s—a convenience store on Pine Street that is frequented by many UNA students.

Manager Nick Suns is disappointed, but not concerned.

“When school’s in, a lot of our business comes from students,” he said. “I hate (that we won’t have the MANE card option), but I doubt it’ll affect business that much.”

UNA student and Lil’ Steve’s employee Tamsen Brooks said she doesn’t believe the absence of off-campus locations will impact her.

“The main reason I use lion loot is to print; I don’t really use it off campus,” she said. “Lion loot is just your own money, anyway. Honestly, I think that on-campus students will be the only ones affected. I really don’t think it’ll matter either way.”

Ginny Thompson, general manager of Zaxby’s on Cox Creek Parkway, said much of the store’s business comes from college students, but few actually use the MANE Card.

“We have always enjoyed having the MANE Card at our store and UNA students visiting,” she said. “Hopefully, UNA students like our food enough to keep coming.”

UNA freshman Brandon Pennington said he does not believe the absence of off-campus locations will have a negative reception among students.

“I’ve never even used my lion loot, and I don’t know many people who do,” he said.

Kennedy is optimistic about the features of New Vision, one of which is an improved online card office called MANE Stop, a webpage where students can view their balances and activity and get monthly statements, she said.

The system is currently undergoing development and will go live May 25. Students will use the same MANE Card they had before the system changed.

“I think that students will appreciate the changes,” Kennedy said. “We’re making this change to better serve the students.”