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The Flor-Ala Editorial Staff


Lavette Williams– [email protected]

(256) 765-4364


Managing Editor:

Chase Glover – [email protected]

(256) 765-5182


News Editor:

Ellen McDonald – [email protected]

(256) 765-4296


Arts & Entertainment Editor:

Brooke Freundschuh – [email protected]

(256) 765-5233


Sports Editor:

Quin Norris – [email protected]

(256) 765-5098


Social Media Coordinator:

Anna Eubanks – [email protected]


Staff Writers:

Emory Brown – [email protected]

Jonathan Hatchett – [email protected]

Alex Hopper – [email protected]

Audrey Johnson – [email protected]

Brady Jordan – [email protected]

Gabe Rhoden – [email protected]

Zane Turner – [email protected]



Anay Rojra

Casey Kula


Graphic Designers:

Allie Karthaus

Andrea Arroyo

Anna Copham

Kailee Rogers

Zoe Sparks

[email protected]


The Flor-Ala Advertising and Business Staff

Business Manager:

Sadler Emory – [email protected]

(256) 765-4427


Graphic Design:

David J. San Miguel – [email protected]

(256) 765-4427


The Office of Student Media Staff

Student Media Advisor

Justin Bergh, Ph.D – [email protected]

(256) 765-4426

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