Lauren Estes’ picks

As an athlete, knowledgeable sports fan or sports follower, when one thinks of fall, football most often comes to mind. Like most seasons, different sports tie into specific months. March, of course, means college basketball, the NCAA playoffs or March Madness.

This season, the usual several teams stick out to me, not just because I follow them, but because they represent conferences I support or have had recent big wins or winning streaks in the last few years or even lately, which has sparked an interest in me to make sure I watch each game when their teams take the hardwood.

 I have filled out my bracket and, after going through the 64 teams, I’ve come up with my Final Four predictions and my overall team winner. Keep in mind, I do possess a slight bias for my favorites, but I did my best to stick to the stats and pick the best teams who beat pressure, show up in playoffs, step up when time calls for a big time player and show out for their university.

My final four teams: Kentucky, Ohio State, Louisville and North Carolina.

The Champion: North Carolina, the Tar Heels winning it all.

Join the fun of March Madness. Pick your teams, and watch these tough athletes fight for the National Championship.