‘We’re just having fun’ does not cut it

It takes a lot of work to have a successful relationship. So many people rush into relationships before they take the time to think things through before they become official. This is if you’re dating and especially if you’re engaged and you’re about to say I do.

If the person you’re dating tells you or others, “We’re only just having fun” or “We’re just “kickin’ it,” my advice to you is end the relationship now. Why? Because it wasn’t a relationship to begin with. They can’t have their cake and eat it too.

Friend, you need someone who is serious, mature, and truly cares about you and vice versa. This is why I encourage you to make sure you’re ready before you take it to the next step.

It takes two people to make it work, not just one. What direction is the relationship going? Are you both happy? Do you respect one another? Do you listen to each other? What is your relationship built on? What’s the foundation and center of it? It can’t just be one thing. If so, what happens if that is removed? Then what is the anchor in your relationship?

These are only a few of the tough questions that all couples need to answer. That’s why communication is so important in relationships. Without it, the relationship will slowly begin to crumble. If the issue isn’t dealt with now, someone will end up getting hurt.

Friend, you have to be careful in this world because there are people who will manipulate, play games and lead others on. It’s better to be up front and honest with each other in the beginning.

If your significant other is dating you, but still texting and hooking up with others behind your back, end the relationship. Know your worth and don’t allow someone to take advantage of you.

This applies both ways. If you’re the one they’re texting and secretly meeting with behind closed doors, but they’re dating someone else in the public eye, end it now. You deserve to be No. 1, not second place.

It’s time to be an adult and open your eyes, and don’t settle for just anyone. You deserve nothing but the best. I hope the relationship advice I’ve shared with you will help you in some way.

If you are experiencing problems in your relationship, it’s time to sit down and talk it out. Find out where the relationship took a detour. Communication and love must be the center of all relationships. Silence will only destroy them.