Intramural basketball match starts off evenly matched

by Matt Wilson Staff Writer

The night of Feb. 21, intramural basketball saw the Panda Bears take on the men of BCM 1. Both teams looked evenly matched, with a few subs on the bench. Each team also had a healthy following in the stands cheering their respective teams on.

The opening minutes of the game saw both teams swapping baskets as they both settled into what strategies they would adopt.

For most of the first half, BCM 1 had the advantage on the glass. The Panda Bears stepped up the tempo as the first half rolled on and enjoyed a five-point lead with eight minutes remaining in the opening half.


The fast pace evolved into sloppy play and turnovers, which allowed BCM to make a few baskets and get back into the game. BCM hit a three-pointer with 4:36 left in the first half to bring the teams to a tie. An three-point play by #0 for the Panda Bears started them on a streak to end the half. A circus shot by #34, Dalton Wilson, for the Panda Bears ignited their cheering section and brought the half to a close.

The Panda Bears came out swinging after the break and jumped out to a 15-point lead. The hustle and energy of the Panda Bears overwhelmed BCM 1. But BCM was not done yet. They weathered the storm and waited for that high energy to take its toll on the Panda Bears.


The pace slowed and passes got sloppier for the Panda Bears, and at the 9:45 mark, BCM had cut the deficit to 10. With just under five minutes left in the game, BCM hit a three to pull within seven.


Wilson, the leading scorer for the Panda Bears, continued his charge and the Panda Bears stopped the slide. The final two minutes of the game saw a spread-out, keep-away approach for the Panda Bears. BCM tried for the steals but mostly found themselves fouling as the last seconds ticked away.


The final score was Panda Bears 58, BCM #1 47.