Fans expect big things from Cyr this season – Q&A

One of UNA’s 13 returning lettermen for the baseball team for the 2012 season is the second team All-GSC first baseman Josh Cyr.

L. What are some of the individual goals you’ve set for yourself this season that will help your team as a whole?

J. “I want to bat .350, hit 10 or so homeruns I guess, but of course we want to make it to the GSC tournament, to regionals and eventually to the National Championship.”

L: On a non-serious note, if a producer decided to make a movie about your life, who would they cast to play your character in the movie?

J: “I guess, ‘The Rock’ … Dwayne Johnson … I think he looks like me.”

L: Speaking of actors, Adam Sandler or Will Ferrell?

J: “Will Ferrell. I think he is funnier than Adam Sandler is. I love ‘Step Brothers’.”

L: Burger King or McDonald’s?

J: “McDonald’s because it’s cheaper.”

L: Tell the readers a little about where you’re from; where did you graduate high school?

J: “I’m from Huntsville; I graduated from West Minister Christian Academy.”

L: If someone was to turn on your car radio right now, what would they hear playing?

J: “A Linkin’ Park CD.”

L: What is your game-day routine? What do you do before you play?

J: “I take some swings, get my mind right and get ready to play the game. I don’t really listen to music before a game. I pray before I play.”

L: Speaking of your faith, do you go to church locally?

J: “I do. I go to Highland Baptist.”

L: Do you have a role model that you have looked up to over the years that has encouraged you?

J: “I would say my dad, John Cyr, because he works hard in everything he does and also puts his faith first.”

L: What has been your favorite UNA memory so far?

J. “Playing in the regional tournament last year in the big game against Harding.”

L: Is there a particular baseball player or team you follow/really enjoy watching?

J: “Albert Pujols, and he plays for the Cardinals.”

L: What is your favorite game-day food/pregame meal?

J: “I’d have to say waffles and eggs, but as for the meal after a win, a big steak, I guess from Texas Roadhouse.”

L: Tell the readers about your family; do you have any siblings?

J: “I have a brother, Ben, who is 16 and plays baseball too, and my mother’s name is Linda.”