President Cale discusses Kilby’s future with parents

UNA President Dr. Bill Cale speaks to parents of children at Kilby Laboratory School Feb. 7.

UNA President Bill Cale met with parents and students Tuesday night at Kilby School’s Parent Teacher Organization meeting to discuss the future of Kilby Laboratory School.

Cale dispersed a letter to parents and answered questions from them about the future of the lab school.

“I know that every parent of a child at Kilby School, along with many others in our community, is concerned about the school’s future and how any changes might get accomplished,” Cale said in a letter to parents. “The university is examining the serious financial issue facing Kilby and seeking to determine the best course of action for the school, its relationship to the university and it’s financial future.”

The university has subsidized nearly $1 million to Kilby in the past, Cale said.

Cale told parents that they may not agree with him, but the reason for his program review is to ensure that Kilby is central to UNA’s mission.

“I want to open by telling you that I am extremely proud of Kilby School,” Cale said. “This is one fine school and I want you to know that I understand that.”

Kilby Laboratory school has been the topic at many of UNA’s administration meetings as well as at the December board of trustees meeting, after Cale asked the Strategic Planning and Budget Study Committee to look further into whether Kilby was central to the university’s mission.

The university has set up a review committee, headed by Dr. Thomas Calhoun, associate vice president for academic affairs, to examine facts and evaluate alternatives for what is best for UNA and Kilby, Cale said.

Kilby PTO President Carole Maynard said the school and its PTO are working to ensure that Kilby is an effective laboratory school for UNA.

“We just need to build on (the relationship between the lab school and UNA),” Maynard said. “I think it is just a lack of knowing what’s available for us (at Kilby) and for UNA.”

Maynard told parents that two UNA professors are conducting a study on laboratory schools and how to make them better. Drs. Lisa Clayton and Katherine Kinney will be traveling to MODEL Laboratory School at Eastern Kentucky University to conduct research on how to better the lab school experience at UNA, she said.