Wallace brings different personality to UNA

Bobby Wallace returns to UNA for his second stint as the head coach of the Lions football team.

When I first walked into Head Coach Bobby Wallace’s new office, I figured it would look very similar to how former Coach Bowden’s office looked-crammed with clothes lying around and not much room to move. Even the seats had clothes draped over them every time I went in for an interview, so I literally had to move over some of his jackets or windbreaker pants just to get comfortable.

As for how Wallace’s office looked, it had a peaceful feel to it. I had plenty of room to move around and no need to worry about moving anything just to sit down. I could tell just by the way the two offices looked what kind of personality each coach has.

Q. What are some of your hobbies when you are not at your job?

A. One thing I love to do in this area is getting out on my boat. Also, I enjoy playing golf, even though I’m not good at it, and, of course, going to the beach house when I can.

Q. With the NFL Playoffs going on right now, is there a team you root for?

A. I have a lot of connections with coaches around the league, so usually I tend to pull for people more than I do for the team. I pull for the people that I know very well and try to show my support for them.

Q. Is there a coach out there-past or present-that has really inspired you throughout your coaching career?

A. Almost 90 percent of my philosophies about coaching were developed from Pat Dye, but those intangibles in football-the work ethic, player-coach relationships and unselfishness-to me, develop the closeness of a football team, and that’s what I have learned from him.

Q. You said in your press conference that you made the drive from the beach to live here again in the Shoals area. Are you going to miss anything about living by the coast?

A. In all honesty, I think it will be more enjoyable when you go down there to visit than it is actually living there, but it’s always going to be a place close to me and my wife. I’m very fortunate to have a home here and down there, so when I retire I can have a home in both places.

Q. When you’re driving to work in the morning and you turn on the radio, what kind of music would we hear?

A. I’m country all the way. There are so many bands, and nowadays it changes a lot, but you have to like Toby Keith, Kenny Chesney and Taylor Swift.

Q. Do you have a famous motto or quote that you live by?

A. ‘Treat others the way you want to be treated’ because I think it’s important on any football team to be respectful to each other and for everybody to be happy. You get more out of players when they’re happy than when they’re upset.

Q. When you’re not at the office, how are your cooking skills and what do you enjoy to cook?

A. I love to grill a lot. We probably would grill five out of seven nights in a week, and I usual cook anything from chicken, steaks, to shrimp, even though shrimp might be hard to get here.