UNA investigates value of Kilby Laboratory School

Teacher Mandy Hicks and students Camie Love and Logan Thornton at Kilby Nov 15.

Officials are discovering new ways to utilize Kilby Lab School, an elementary institution for students up to 6th grade that also acts as a laboratory environment for UNA students earning a degree.

Kilby, which is located across from the Department of Communications on Pine Street, houses more than 140 students and received a subsidy of $218,124 from the university last year.

Conversations regarding Kilby’s future and whether UNA will continue to fund the laboratory school have been frequent during the last few months among Kilby parents and community members, but UNA officials want to set the record straight.

UNA President Bill Cale is not looking to shut Kilby down but is instead forming a committee that will investigate the value of the school and how the university can take advantage of Kilby’s laboratory environment.

In September, Kilby hosted its first-ever alumni event, which brought in $10,500 in revenue that will benefit the laboratory school for the future.

Maynard said the atmosphere is much more positive among Kilby parents now that UNA is forming a committee to look into the value of the school.

“They are excited about the possibilities ahead of us in making Kilby an outstanding lab school,” she said.

Jeremy Britten, web communications manager at UNA and parent to two Kilby students, said he and other parents won’t go down without a fight if the elementary school is at risk of closure in the future.

“Once (UNA) figures out the best way to integrate Kilby into UNA, the students here will have a lot to offer (at the school),” he said. “The kids are sponges for information, and anything UNA wants to teach them, they’ll love and will result in a well-rounded education for the students.”

Breaking it down


   2010-2011 Kilby Summary

   Revenue – $1,017,098

   Expenses – $1,235,222

   UNA subsidy – $218,124