Radio show ‘talks’ Lion sports

UNA Student Zach Conley competes against Women’s Basketball Coach Terry Fowler for Frostbite coupons.

Every Tuesday morning, the voice of the UNA Lions, JD Byars, hosts a sports talk show, alongside the head coaches of the men’s and women’s basketball teams.

Men’s Coach Bobby Champagne and women’s Coach Terry Fowler join Byars as they not only discuss UNA basketball and other campus sports, but also hit on college and professional basketball.

“My mission is to provide a large FM radio stage for our student athletes while crafting an exciting and top-quality broadcast that equals the efforts of the players,” Byars said. “They work hard and deserve the best, and our fans and community deserve a broadcast product they can be proud of … one that reflects professionalism and excitement.”

Byars said the goal of “Talkin’ Basketball” is to introduce coaches Fowler and Champagne to the students, faculty and fans.

“These two guys have tremendous personalities, and anyone who meets them falls in love with them,” Byars said. “We just want to give the community an opportunity to learn more about these guys, know more about them and hopefully it will spill over into an increase in basketball attendance and participation. We want our fans to feel connected to the coaches and players and take pride in defending Flowers Hall by getting rowdy and loud every time the Lions take the court.”

The show has recently added a segment they call “What in the World?” which gives a look at news that might be considered wacky or out of the ordinary and usually deals with some form of athletics.

“Everyone sees or hears stuff every day that makes them think to themselves: ‘What in the world?'” Byars said. “Just today, I saw a television story about a woman who fell 300 feet when her bungee cord snapped. She splashed into crocodile infested waters. She survived and swam to shore with her feet still tied together. That makes you say, ‘What in the world?'”

The show’s primary goal is to get the students to interact with the coaches. The students get chances to win prizes that college students usually enjoy, like free frozen yogurt from Frostbite and rally towels courtesy of Coca-Cola. As far as guests who might be interviewed on the show, they look for those who have something relevant to discuss or can bring something that appeals to a large cross-section of sports fans.

“Topics don’t have to specifically be about UNA basketball,” Byars said. “We talk about all kinds of stuff, even the funny stuff that happens to us on the road.”

If you are interested in tuning in to the show or calling in to ask questions, you can on Tuesdays from 11 a.m. to noon during basketball season on WYTK 93.9 FM. Callers are also welcome at 256-764-9390.