Spehr makes transition to new territory

UNA men’s basketball brings something different to the floor. Coach  Bobby Champagne and the team have four players that are from overseas, adding somewhat of a ‘melting pot’ outlook and international experience to the court for UNA.

Nathan Spehr, a freshman point guard, is from Adelaide, Australia and is one among four international players. Senior Sam Buxton, a teammate and fellow international player from Gibraltar, UK, said Spehr is a mature player, and it’s obvious he has played basketball overseas because he has a European finesse about him.

Q: Will you state your name and hometown for the record?

A: “My name is Nathan Spehr, and I’m from Adelaide, Australia.”

Q: What was the biggest culture shock moving to Florence from Australia?

A: “First of all, I had to get over the jet-lag—that was really the only thing. Australia is sort-of like America, and most people don’t know.”

Q: Who is a basketball player you love to watch, and why that player?

A: “J.J Barea, because he’s 5’10” just like me and played really well in the playoffs last year and plays similar to the way I play.”

Q: Burger King or McDonald’s?

A: “Probably McDonald’s—we don’t have Burger King in Australia.”

Q: If someone decided to make a movie about you, who would the cast director hire to play you in the movie?

A: “That’s a tough one. Adam Sandler—I guess—because he’s funny.”

Q: That’s my next question, actually: Adam Sandler or Will Ferrell?

A: “I’d say Will Ferrell, but he has an afro, so he can’t really play me in any movies.”

Q: Tell the readers a little about yourself.

A: “Normally, when people meet me I’m quiet, but as you get to know me I talk a lot more. When I’m with my friends, I’m not shy at all.”

Q: What’s you favorite athletic brand name to wear?

A: “Nike. When I wear shoes, I wear Nike—the Kobe Bryant’s, that’s my favorite shoe.”

Q: So, I guess my next question’s answer will be obvious: in the LeBron and Kobe war, which player is your choice?

A:  “Yeah, I like Kobe. I don’t like LeBron at all.”

Q:  We mentioned earlier that you are one of the four international players on the team, and having played overseas, what does that bring to the UNA table?


A: “We all have international experience, so I guess we just bring something different from the other players. We’ve traveled a little more than they have and have seen more players play.”

Q: What has been your best made memory at UNA so far?

A: “Probably going to the football games, and (when) we all painted our bodies.”

Q: What are your goals for the season as a team?

A: “To win it all. I think that’s what everyone’s goal is.”