Graduating seniors face tough job prospects

With the high unemployment rates changing slightly, many graduating seniors may need to plan ahead to get into their desired profession after obtaining their degree.

While the job market is often unpredictable in regards to the economy’s various demands, it is essential that graduating seniors develop an idea in terms of having a stable job after college graduation.

The state of Alabama still stays above the national unemployment rate at 9.8 percent. Among the 11 metro areas in Alabama, the Shoals holds fifth place in terms of lowest unemployment percentage. From August to September, the Shoals area unemployment rate has increased from 9 percent to 9.2 percent. Mobile has the highest at 10.8 percent.

Employment success depends on demand. With students studying for different majors and professions, it is more likely that some will get more job recognition than others, according to officials with UNA Career Planning and Development.

“It is vital that job seekers are flexible, competitive, flippant and aggressive,” said Director of Career Planning and Development Melissa Medlin. “Many companies look for experience, and students need to be the product of what that employer wants to hire.”

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