Beer not likely at Braly Stadium

The possibility of UNA following Troy University’s push to sell beer in its stadium is slim, according to Phil Stevenson, purchasing and public grants administrator for the city of Florence.

Stevenson said that there are two problems with the situation: the first problem is that the stadium is city owned and is split between UNA and Florence High School. Stevenson said that the concessions are managed by the high school. The second problem is that UNA would have to amend a local alcohol ordinance.

Stevenson said that the extra revenue brought in by beer sales would also mean extra expenses and extra security in order to prohibit sales to minors.

“Whether it’s a good or bad thing, I don’t know,” he said. “That’s an opinion thing, and I won’t offer my opinion.”

Darnell Jackson, UNA football player, said selling alcohol in Braly Stadium would be dangerous, and other students believe that it would have pros and cons.

“I think it would bring in revenue,” said UNA student Katelyn Cosby. “The stadium is so small that a bunch of drunk people wouldn’t be a good idea. Plus, half the people at the games don’t live within walking distance, so they’re going to drive.”

Drinking and driving is one of the major concerns that campus police officer Ed Rhodes has. He said that campus police officers patrol the stadium even though it is municipally owned.

“The biggest problem is that people won’t be considerate of others,” he said. “Kids are there to play, too. A person drinking would or could use foul language, and you don’t want that around kids.”

Rhodes went on to say that people already drink when they tailgate. He said police officers are already having problems with people bringing alcohol into the stadium.

UNA student Emily Gean thinks UNA should take the capitalistic approach.

“I think they should be able to, because if you’re 21 and want to drink, then you’re going to drink anyway,” she said. “Why not make some money off it?”

Troy University is trying to sell beer in the stadium because of the extra revenue that would be brought in. Sydney Atkins, Troy University’s athletic director, researched other schools that serve beer and found that safety hasn’t proved to be a problem.