SNAP assists students, provides safe campus

Members of the Student Nighttime Auxiliary Patrol check buildings for security as well as transport students on campus.

Student Nighttime Auxiliary Patrol is a security program that will transport any student from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m. seven days a week.

Just call the police number 256-765-4357, ask for SNAP, and it will take students or professors anywhere on campus.

“I think it is a really effective way to get students and professors around campus (at night),” said UNA police Chief Bob Pastula.

SNAP has been around for a year, and Pastula is in charge of it. He said he saw similar programs at other schools, and that is how he got the idea for SNAP.

“(SNAP) responds pretty quickly and almost immediately,” Pastula said.

Pastula said that everyone should take advantage of SNAP, and that it is not only for escorting students, but also provides extra security around campus.

SNAP will take anyone around campus, even to the Appleby sorority dorms, but will not cross Pine Street.

“(Their) first priority is the personal safety of the students, safety of themselves and then comes the protection of property,” said Steven Stracener, a SNAP team member.

Stracener said that right now there are six or seven SNAP team members.

SNAP members act as observers so they can protect their own safety, and they also unlock various buildings around campus for students and will help anyone with car trouble. SNAP also locks up many of the buildings at night.

“It’s an honor to serve the student body and university by providing safe passage and comfort to students traveling at night,” said Nathan Daniels, another SNAP team member. said Nathan Daniels, another SNAP team member.

Baleska Benitez, a UNA freshman, said this was her first time using SNAP, but she will use it again.

“I think it makes girls feel very safe, taking them to their dorms, and I would recommend SNAP to my friends,” she said.

Nathan Johnson, a UNA junior, has used SNAP before.

“I think it’s a pretty cool, safe and effective,” he said. “I visit the library a lot for studying, so for me it’s nice to have a way to quickly get back to my dorm.”