Spring Music Festival

Gloriana, fresh off chart success, is headlining the annual concert that UPC puts on for students.

The University Program Council announced the headliners of the Spring Music Festival recently. Gloriana, a chart-topping country act, will be the headliner for UPC’s festival May 4 at 6 p.m. in Flowers Hall.

UPC has also booked Lee Brice, a country chart topper who sings the popular single “Love Like Crazy.”

UPC Live Acts Chair Blake Clark said UPC chose Gloriana because they are close in age to most students, and can relate with the students at UNA.

“[The festival] is an event that happens every year, for quite a few years now,” Cheryl Mathis, coordinator of programming at UNA, said. “The festival is completely free to students.”

Mathis said the admission price was UPC’s way to give back to students. She said the students pay the fee, and UPC felt as though it was only right for the admission price to be free to them. Mathis explained that UPC was able to provide the free concert to the students from strategic planning and saving money.

“Since it’s the last day of classes, it’s the perfect time to celebrate the end of the semester,” Mathis said.

“[The students] should want to come out because it’s free,” Mathis said. “All you need is a Mane Card.”

Mathis and Clark both agree the price is perfect for college students.

“The students have already paid for it with their student activity fee,” Clark said.

“The students wanted a name that would draw people out,” Mathis added. “We are excited for Gloriana. They have won quite a few awards lately. They are a big talent and they are just going to get bigger.”

“I’m a big Muscle Shoals music guy, and love the local music scene,” Clark explained.

In addition to the headliners, UPC has booked Archie Hubbard and Spencer Murphy, two local artists who have quite a local following, according to Clark.

Hubbard is the artist signed to the UNA Department of Entertainment Industry’s student record label, Singing River Records.

UNA Sophomore Bailey Howton said she likes the fact tickets are free compared to the $18 price last year.

“[The price] is good for people who don’t have money in college,” Howton added. “[More students] can go because it’s free.”

Howton thinks the festival will get Gloriana’s name out there to the UNA student body and will provide an enjoyable night for students. She also thinks the night of music will provide students with something to do in Florence.

“I think it’s really cool that artists like Archie Hubbard are being included,” Howton explained.

Clark wants students to know that UPC is working hard to make their college experience enjoyable.

“UPC plays the biggest role in the planning and facilitation of most of the events on campus,” Clark said. ” It’s a great organization with great leadership that cares about this campus.”

For more information on the festival, contact Clark or Mathis in the Office of Student Engagement, or visit www.una.edu/upc. Students can obtain their tickets in the GUC up until the event. Faculty, staff and community members can purchase their $10 tickets on the UNA box office website at http://www.una.edu/boxoffice.