SRC offers intense core workout for students

In preparation for Spring Break at the end of the March, the Student Recreation Center at the University of North Alabama offers Ab Attack for students and members to get into shape.

The class is designed to help define the stomach and abdominal muscles.

“This is a very intense class and many people who come for the first time are shocked,” said Ethan Lolley, UNA junior and Ab Attack instructor. “I just always tell the class that a workout is 90 percent mental. If you want something bad enough and you focus on it, then you’re going to get what you want.”

The Ab Attack classes are broken into two categories: cardio and hardcore.

The hardcore level is based off of P90X. P90X is a class that focuses on a different combination of muscles and routines to prevent the body from getting bored.

A class favorite is called the “ABCs,” said Lolley. Participants get into a squat position while holding a weight with both hands. During the routine each person draws the alphabet with their weight.

To lose fat in the abdominal region while toning muscles, the cardio ab class is offered. A typical warm-up involves constant movement of running in place and high knees to burn calories.

Keeping momentum at a high, Lolley said he begins each class by listening to “I Like It” by Enrique Iglesias. “The music really keeps everyone motivated,” he said. The rest of the session features techno and fast tempo songs played by mainstream radio that everyone is familiar with.

UNA freshman Brooke Rose said that she attends the class almost every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. “The atmosphere is welcoming and comfortable,” she said. “I’ve learned different ways to do crunches; it’s not just the same boring exercises.”

The class lasts for 30 minutes with an average of 15 participants. Lolley said that he had times where there were close to 40 participants.

He said that he began to take the class when he was a freshman. “I really enjoyed it because group exercises made me push myself harder,” he said. “I made it a goal sometimes to be able to keep up with the instructors during the whole class.”

As an instructor, Lolley said that the best part of his job is when students continuously return to the class because they are determined to get into shape.

Ab Attack takes place on the top floor of the SRC Monday through Friday at 3:15 p.m. and Monday through Thursday at 8 p.m. Mane cards are necessary for admittance.