It is going to get better


Lavette Williams, Editor in Chief

To anyone who has felt discouraged during this pandemic, during this time of ambiguity, I say: keep your head up; it is going to get better. 

You are not the only one experiencing a lack of motivation, you are not the only one who has the desire to be somewhere else but home, you are not the only one who is bored beyond comparison, you are not the only one experiencing fears and anxiety.

You are not the only one, you are not alone. 

I know everything right now seems abnormal and disheartening, but this, too, shall pass. This rut you feel stuck in is only temporary. It is only preparing you for the future, for the person you are meant to become. Think about it this way: a butterfly is the aftermath of a caterpillar cocooning itself in silk. You are not trapped. You are transitioning. You are growing. 

To anyone who has first-hand experience with this, who knows someone who has contracted the virus, who has lost loved ones, I invite you to share your pain with us so that the healing can begin. 

Let us break bread. Let us heal together.