The art of inspiration


Chase Glover, Managing Editor

Inspiration is one of the biggest pieces of life, allowing yourself to be inspired or inspiring those around you can lead to the biggest chances of winning throughout your time.

There once was a person that told me that ‘A person can only pour out what has been poured into them.’

This has always held true to me, even after so many long years. I watch and see how this truly impacts people as well.

What that person was alluding to was not pouring a liquid into a cup, however, he was alluding to the factor of how much you invest into the people that roam this Earth.

The Art of Inspiration for me is one of my biggest takeaways from my 20 years that I have lived. The words you use to inspire other people can either make or break who they become.

Read that last part again. ‘MAKE or BREAK’. Yes, it is that simple. The words you choose to speak over someone’s life can lead to them making decisions that will either benefit them or hinder them in the long run.

I always heard that people should speak ‘Words of Life’, meaning to always speak encouraging actions over someone to help give them the best thoughts to provoke even better actions.

 I want to tie both of these in together because ‘Words of Life’ and the ‘Pour In and Pour Out’ methods actually go hand in hand with one another to inspire the masses of people.

The reason I say this is because if someone continually speaks Words of Life over you, it creates a pouring opportunity. A person can give words of affirmation and it allows a person’s confidence, or thoughts to reach a newer height.

Many people need others to realize the work they put in or how hard they actually work towards their goals and aspirations. When people do not see that, said person could fall into thoughts concerning that they are not good enough or are not doing enough to be noticed.

This is where inspiration comes in for different people and how they react to it. 

When someone is constantly speaking words of life, love, or affirmation over someone it will create a stimulus in people’s minds to know they are doing something right and to keep pushing.

When people are also pouring into someone with those words of life, it creates a domino effect. 

Have you ever been in a restaurant line where someone in front of you has paid for your meal, so you feel the obligation to pay for the person behind you?

Then after you pay for the person behind you, it keeps going for a while with people paying for the person behind them just because the kindness of the person in front of them.

That is how pouring into someone works. When someone gets poured into, they are compelled to pour into someone else, and then that person into someone else, and so on.

This is how a chain of inspiring people starts, by one person to start the pouring of words of life.

Inspiring people is an art and should be considered as such. However, just like many forms of art they can be lost overtime.

The way the world is trending we can easily lose this form of art because of our self-greed or the way we would rather want to step on someone to elevate ourselves.

To preserve this art form, we have to continually inspire. We need to inspire at least one person a day to allow that domino effect to continue to happen.

No one has to inspire every single person a day, but we do need to touch one person’s heart every single day to motivate and push for a better tomorrow. 

Inspire. Motivate. Allow the domino effect to happen for itself. Speak ‘Words of Life’ and not hate. Pour into everyone around you, and allow them to pour into everyone around them.

That is how we can preserve this art form and create a better world for everyone.