An Ode to Masks


Audrey Johnson, Flow Executive Editor

Masks, I do not love you so,

But where do you go?

I started off with ten

Now I’m missing five friends

Are you in my purse or car?

Did I leave you away and far?

Do you hide in the laundry room?

I need to find you by this afternoon!

Should I consult Dr. Seuss?

And check a loose moose’s caboose?

Should I order seven more?

Or wait to throw mine out the door?

Masks, I do not love you so,

But where do you go?

Like your new cousin socks

You’re sneaky as a fox

And just as stinky too

I put mine on— “pee yew!”

Now my glasses always fog

This cloth is humid as a bog

You give me awful pimples

And hide my cute, sweet dimples

You made lipstick sales go down

Now I never wear red on the town

But on campus? It’s you and me.

This piece of cloth and my attempted degree

Masks, I do not love you so

But you shook the status quo

Professors have hated you for a while

You hide our expressions and winning smiles

Confused? Bored? Laughing? They don’t know

We show up an hour a week, then they let us go

I don’t have to talk to strangers in the halls

Do I keep you on in bathroom stalls?

No one can see if I’m rolling my eyes

That we’re forced to wear this annoying disguise

Even when we wear it right

They’ll send us to quarantine overnight

Do you work? Do you help?

Depends on what the politicians yelp

Masks, I do not love you so

I can’t wait for you to go

I’ll take you to the trash

I’ll throw the biggest bash

I’ll set you all on fire

Don’t think that I’m a liar

When this pandemic ends

I’m hugging all my friends

I’m singing on Court Street

I’m watching sports compete

I’m enjoying burgers at tailgate

Roar Lions! We won again! This time by eight!

We’ll appreciate smiles more

And freshmen will experience a real SOAR

We can all resume to party

And dance along to Playboi Cardi

Class the next day will be my delight

I’ll do the reading every night

But, until this great day comes

We’ll eat the crackers and the crumbs

And take what we can get

We’re trying not to fret

This campus is our home

And I’d be no fun alone