SGA implements new policies


Andrea Arroyo | Graphic Designer

Student Government Association is accomadating their services this semester with COVID-19 restrictions and the new policies that they are implementing to make UNA better for students.

Alex Hopper, Staff Writer

The Student Government of the University of North Alabama always has its hands full providing support and advocating for the student body’s interests.

This year, though many things have changed, SGA’s commitment to the students of UNA has not.

Tate Gooch, the SGA President, speaks to the ways SGA is accommodating their services this semester with COVID-19 restrictions and the new policies they are implementing to make life here at UNA even better for students.

“We recognize the mental stress that this pandemic caused to many people,” Gooch said. “We are constantly working to improve the student experience at UNA and to cater to the needs of the students.”

SGA is still trying to provide as many services and events for the students as they can–hopefully creating some sense of normalcy in the face of COVID-19.

The University of North Alabama’s Student Government Association (SGA) holds meetings every Thursday on Zoom at 3:30 p.m. These meetings are open to the public. Students can attend them by reaching out to a senator for the Zoom link. (Andrea Arroyo | Graphic Designer)

Gooch explained that the University Program Council has done a great job still providing on-campus events while mitigating the risk of the spread of COVID-19.

“UPC has done an excellent job to work with these barriers in mind,” Gooch said. “They have created drive-in movie nights and implemented events that allow for social distancing.”

Gooch also explained the precautions the Executive Branch of SGA are taking.

“Our Executive Branch has been working on the SGA Constitution and Code of Laws for internal improvements so that SGA may thrive in the future when all is back to normal,” Gooch said.

In general, SGA’s main goal this semester is focusing on student concerns and then directing those concerns to University administration.

“We have met with many different faculty and staff members,” Gooch said. “We discussed matters such as on-campus safety, race and campus inclusivity and how to improve university academics.”

SGA is currently working on implementing student correspondents that will be in contact with various University departments. Gooch explained that this will help to directly address concerns that students, faculty, or staff may be experiencing at UNA.

One large change that every department is facing this semester is the shifting to more online interaction. Gooch explained that SGA is using technology to their best ability.

“Of course there are always technological problems with using Zoom,” Gooch said. “But I don’t think we have experienced too much difficulty within SGA.”

SGA has been holding Zoom workshops in place of events they would normally hold in person. One of their most recent workshops was about how student senators can advocate for state funding with state legislators.

SGA has also taken the initiative to help with voter registration in partnership with the Assistant Director of Student Engagement for Leadership & Volunteerism, Bethany Green.